Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich outlined his support for the development of the Abraham Lincoln National Airport in his State of the State address in February 2005. The Governor acknowledged that the airport would provide a major infusion of new investment and full-time employment "in an area of our state that desperately needs jobs."

The Governor's support for the Commission's plans to develop Abraham Lincoln National Airport is an endorsement of the long-held views of Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., who has promoted the project as complementing, rather than competing with O'Hare airport in Chicago. In the Governor's words "the Abraham Lincoln National Airport at Peotone will not compete with O'Hare for needed federal dollars, and during tough fiscal times like these, his (Jackson's) plan to use private investment is both a welcome and innovative way to build an airport. I strongly support it."

In recognition of the Governor's support for the project, the State is proceeding with its acquisition of property that will be incorporated in the inaugural footprint of the airport. In addition, the State intends to present a development concept for the airport that will be submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration as part of the airport approvals and permitting process. The FAA submission from the Illinois Department of Transportation incorporates the key design and development guidelines that have been drafted by the Commission and its private development partner, the consortium of LCOR Inc. and SNC-Lavalin.

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